Business valuation Services as per the companies Act

Corporate valuations are a need to meet regulatory requirements and also for voluntary purposes for financial activities including M&A. The uncertainty across global markets has increased the importance of independent valuations. Estimating the worth of a business is complex, as it is a combination of factors like purpose industry, strengths, management, promoters, etc. The worth of a company is determined by its business model supported with reasons that directly or indirectly have an impact on its current market standing and future prospects.

There are a variety of business valuation methods categorized into approaches that are applied to arrive at a conclusion. Value is different from price and varies with purpose and time making the field highly subjective. In a business valuation exercise, a number of models are considered which are reconciled to arrive at a conclusion. These valuation models include asset approach, income approach, and market approach. Valuation is subjective more so, for unlisted and private companies with limited judicial guidance.

Business valuations are often misunderstood and put people in confusion, especially when it comes to closely held companies. The definition will vary depending on for whom the evaluation is being carried, it can be from buyer side or seller side. To carry a business valuation successfully, years of experience and practical knowledge is needed. As the value is on a specific date, it only adds to the confusion making valuations complex.

Valuation of publicly traded securities is a definite science part of syllabus. Varying economic conditions make financial data outdated soon, causing an effect on the online valuation of a companies in India adding to subjective nature of closely held companies. This the reason valuation by a registered valuer is considered standard and is a must as per the companies Act, 2013 for sale-purchase, merger, stock option allotment etc.

The valuation for a merger which is a combination of equals is considerably different from a sale-purchase as in each case the objectives are also different. In a company sale-purchase in India, it is more about future prospects for manufacturing industry value of heavy equipment is also critical in the evaluation. Estimating the net value of a closely held business is a challenge and that is where valuation services are handy.

Corporate CapitalVentures Pvt. Ltd, a Sebi Registered (Cat-I) Merchant banker provides valuations for company merger, stock options, and sale-purchase decisions. CCV is also known for consultancy services relating SEBI compliance, FEMA compliance, company law compliance, and RBI matters.

Tips for Getting Car Loan After Repossession

There are a number of lenders, who are always ready to offer vehicle loan to people with damaged credit score and the loan borrowers chance of qualifying can improve by following the specific steps.

So, if you are thinking of financing a car after repossession, then you should start the procedure of getting back on the road by collecting as much info as possible regarding getting car loan after repossession.

Here come some details that can help you in this matter:

Pay all the fees and balance: Even in case your vehicle is possessed, still you are liable for any kind of outstanding balance on the previous vehicle. So, you need to pay off the difference between the amount that you owed and the value for which your repossessed vehicle was sold to prevent any kind of additional damage to the credit.
Wait as long as you can: Getting an auto loan after repossession is only possible in case the loan borrower waits a year passes. Besides, the longer the loan borrower will wait; he/she will have that less impact of repossession on the credit score. The time gap between repossession and loan application can also give the loan borrower the scope to improve credit score by saving for a down payment.
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Save for certain amount of down payment: A large down payment is always better as this can increase your chance of qualifying for auto financing after repossession while decreasing the risk, which the loan borrowers need to take on. Often lenders consider those people as committed buyers, who pay a sizeable amount of down payment. Besides, this also decreases the interest charge amounts that the loan borrower needs to pay over the course of loan.
Review the credit report: Collect copies of your credit report from the credit unions to get a clear overview as well as to learn about your present credit score.

LIC 2014-15 New Plans List: Features, Review & Benefits of all the Plans

Life is a beautiful gift by god, but everyone has to face the unfortunate demise someday. Because of an unforeseen accidents and tragic moments in life, it becomes very necessary to invest in the life insurance policies.

When you enroll in a lic life insurance plan, you actually gift your loved ones with the lifetime after survival benefits. This is the policy which will secure your family members or an individual nominee after you are no longer with them.

Lic policies focus majorly upon the life insurance and survival benefit plan so that the policy holder can gain advantages of the premium invested while he or she is alive. However, there are three categories of the lic plans which you will find at the online web portal-

Money back plans
Endowment plans
Term assurance plans
The current 2014 to 2015 new plans are lucrative and very significant for the service class income group. The current popular policies are listed below-

New Jeevan Anand plan- This is a non-linked plan that is offering a fabulous combination of the savings as well as protection. The amalgamation provides financial fortification against demise i.e. death throughout the survival period of the insured person. There is a provision given to the insured person of the payment of lumsum after the end of the term period in case he or she survives till then. It also offers loan facility and takes care of the liquidity issues of the policy holder.
What are the benefits?

Death benefit

When all the premium installments are paid on time, then there are certain death benefits paid by the lic life insurance agent through the company authorization.

The death benefit is not paid less than the 105% calculating upon the premium paid in total. As on the date of death is considered for the end of policy sum assured. Final additional bonuses are also added to the sum assured.

The premiums paid by the policy holder do not include service tax, rider premiums or extra premium cost if invested.

Benefits that are paid at the end of the policy term are- basic sum assured plus reversionary bonuses and the final additional bonuses. They all are paid as lump sum amount if the policy holder survives till the end of the policy term. But it is necessary that all the premium installments are duly paid.

LIC jeevan rakshak is a very attractive policy which is a non-linked plan and offers an arrangement of protection and the saving plans together. This is one of the most wanted and popular lic plans that support family financially in case the insured person face death before the maturity of the term. Liquidity services considering loan facility is also provided in this plan.
Death benefits are given to the policyholder when all the premium installments are paid on time. The sum which was assured to be paid on death is payable and basic sum assured amount is also payable according to the date of death. There is one plus point in this type of lic life insurance policy and i.e. an additional loyalty amount is payable if the death of the insured person occurs after the completion of the term period.

Hence, at the online sources lic policies are reviewed as the best and most lucrative one because they also serve with tax redemptions under the income tax act 1961, section 80C. If you are looking for the suitable policy under the LIC brand, then you can visit their official website today. Enroll easily in just few easy steps without leaving the comfort zone. Enroll by using your aadhar card or the ID proof scanned copy and get registered for free of cost.

Should Payday Loans be the first choice during sudden urgencies?

A large percentage of the salary gets usurped in tackling the basic needs and expenses. Almost by the middle of the month, you are out of disposable cash. There is nothing much you can do since the expenses are on the rise. Moreover the average income you bring home is not quite compatible with the rising inflation. This makes it tough for you to tackle expenses that are unforeseen or unexpected. Since it is almost difficult to arrange the funds on your own, therefore the onus comes down to rely upon external support. In such instances, most of the people prefer to avail the option of payday loans. These loans in particular ensure easy cash approval at a short notice, which eventually allows the borrower to deal with the unexpected urgencies with considerable ease.

There are several layers of these loans that need to be considered. Before making any decision on acquiring the loans, you must look at these aspects.

Are Payday Loans indeed the best option?

Judging your financial situation, it becomes necessary to avail quick cash at a short notice. At least with the option of instant payday loans, you are capable of deriving the loans in quick time. The speedy approval of the loans can be attributed to:-

Absence of collateral
Short term nature of the loans
Approval without verifying the credit history
Minimal paperwork
If you are employed with a fixed income for the past few months and have a bank account, then qualifying for the loans will not be a problem. The lenders will also take in to account your specific need and repaying ability. If everything is found to be appropriate, the amount applied for will then be deposited in to your bank account.

The ease at which you derive the loans makes it an attractive option. But the short repayment tenure and the fact that lenders charge a high rate of interest is what you have to look at. These loans can be expensive and if you fail to make the payments on time, you will have to more to worry (non repayment may affect your credit score).

Usually if it comes to taking care of expenses such as paying medical bills or house rent and so forth, these loans seem to be a perfect option.

Payday Loans and Bad Credit Borrowers

As mentioned earlier, the option of payday loans are approved without any credit check. This in turn implies that applicants having serious credit issues can easily apply for the loans. In fact, by making appropriate use of the bad credit payday loans, it may help the borrower to improve the credit score. But this is only possible, if the borrower makes an honest attempt to clear the dues on time.

What you must consider?

Payday loans are no doubt easy to apply for and can come in handy, when you are going through a difficult phase. But at the same time, over reliance on the loans may hurt your financial stability. In context of the circumstances, the best you can do is to avail the loans only if you are left with no other alternative. This arrangement will no doubt help you to settle the urgency without having to undertake much of any stress.